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I'm a mother of three. I'm also married. I recently moved with my husband and children. I now live closer to my in-laws then my own family. Which has provided me with a lot of in-law jokes and stories. In my spare time I enjoy reading, crafts like knitting, or just playing games on the computer like World of Warcraft.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Now I know why some women get Divorces...its just easier without a husband. ^.^

Ok, maybe not everyone gets a divorce for that reason. ;) But I was thinking about how much easier it would be, while I was doing dishes tonight.

I was working the past couple days...and I never work unless my husband is home to watch the children. I wouldnt mind using a daycare, there's just none around here with open spaces. Plus, I'd rather wait for a bit until my newbie is a bit older before putting her in a daycare.

But....getting back to my story. I was working the past couple days, and my husband did NO, absolutly no dishes. He didn't pick up anything, or even get our kids to pick up their messes.

Ok, he does try. Which is cool. He just didn't try the last few days. I wouldn't divorce him over this, but it was nice to daydream about how much less work it would be if I just had myself and the kids to clean up after. ;)

Ah well....I should go clean some more, and to be fair, remember the things my husband does get done around here. ;)