Caffeinated Mom

I'm a mother of three. I'm also married. I recently moved with my husband and children. I now live closer to my in-laws then my own family. Which has provided me with a lot of in-law jokes and stories. In my spare time I enjoy reading, crafts like knitting, or just playing games on the computer like World of Warcraft.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Web Comics

In my last post I mentioned my addiction to my computer and the internet. I honestly have to do something on my computer each day. Right now, its little games like the ones I mentioned. Or visiting web comics.

Each take just a bit of time each day. Without them though, I'd probably go through withdrawel symptoms. Just a few of the comics I like to visit regularly:, Order of the Stick, and GU Comics.

There's other web comics I read, but not very frequently. Like WTF comics. Its a really good comic. But the creator doesn't post new comics all that frequently. Plus his web forums are filled with annoying fan boys. Oh, and the artist gets real cranky when you try to make a predication or guess.