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I'm a mother of three. I'm also married. I recently moved with my husband and children. I now live closer to my in-laws then my own family. Which has provided me with a lot of in-law jokes and stories. In my spare time I enjoy reading, crafts like knitting, or just playing games on the computer like World of Warcraft.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Shoes & The Dollar Store Queen

I've never been big on shoes. Maybe I'm lacking that feminine gene. I have only 1 pair of shoes, and 1 pair of sandles. For years now, thats all I needed. But since we've moved to a city with a "real" winter, I've had to go out and buy boots too. Well, the other day I wore my boots to work. A nice elderly lady sat down beside me and thought my boots were very nice. Which reminded me about the time I went to the Doctor for a toe problem, and she raved about my "sensible" shoes. I felt soooo old, and out of it.

Maybe my doctor can recommend some good pills to give me the shoe obsession, or one that will give me some good shoe fashion sense.

I have two daughters! I find myself telling my oldest girl, "No, you dont' need those shoes, you've already got shoes." Maybe I should bite my tongue and allow her to have a few cute shoes. I wont' let them go all crazy...but I shouldn't force them to be like me. *sigh*

Dollar Store Queen:
Ok, so today I went to pay our cable bill. The place we pay our bill is right near a Dollar Store. So I decided to pop in and pick up some stocking stuffers for my kids. This is something else I get from my parents. When we were kids, we were each given $10 and picked one of our siblings names out of a hat. We then had to buy $10 worth of stocking stuffers. We got pretty good at buying the wierdest things that were both cheap and bulky. Since we had big stockings!!

Well, I just wanted to buy a lot of different games, gidgets etc to help stuff my kids stockings. But I didn't stop after picking up a lot of little toys and books. I continued checking out what they had in each aisle. I found several items that were cute or usefull.

I walked out of that store with 6 bags worth of items. I felt like the Dollar Store Queen. It was even more embarrasing because all their bags have the huge logo on them. You can't miss it.

Well, I'm sure I won't need to step in a dollar store again for a long while. Well, maybe if they stock up on cute weave baskets of all sizes. o.O