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I'm a mother of three. I'm also married. I recently moved with my husband and children. I now live closer to my in-laws then my own family. Which has provided me with a lot of in-law jokes and stories. In my spare time I enjoy reading, crafts like knitting, or just playing games on the computer like World of Warcraft.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Idiots at work

I had a long shift on Sunday. But that didn't stop someone from work trying to call me at home to give me a shift. The people who work evenings, nights and weekends do not bother to check things like our availibility sheets, or whether or not we're already on a job. I personally think they don't know how to read.

Ok, so when I finally get home, late at night, I call back. Right after I say my name, I get hung up on. They were probably still pouting over me not being home earlier that day to take a shift. Hey, its not my fault they can't read. So I call right back. *grin* I then get a 4 hour shift for Monday. Yet the person who hung up on me, and then gave me a 4 hour shift told my supervisor that I was working an 8 hour shift on Monday. Totally forgetting, I'm sure, to let me know that I am working 8 hours.

Ah well, I am writing up a nice letter of complaint, making sure I get the details right. Like the word-for-word messages I've found on my machine from some of the work idiots. I don't know if it will change anything. But if not, there are other companys out there that I could work for. I'd be doing the same work, maybe getting paid more, and hopefully getting less crap from the people at work.