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I'm a mother of three. I'm also married. I recently moved with my husband and children. I now live closer to my in-laws then my own family. Which has provided me with a lot of in-law jokes and stories. In my spare time I enjoy reading, crafts like knitting, or just playing games on the computer like World of Warcraft.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Well, last night the landlord picked up our rent check. He asked if there were any problems so I told him about a couple things that need fixing. He said he'd be by in the morning to take a look at them.

Well of course that means I have to clean things, straighten up etc. Just something I picked up from my own mom. Someone comming over in a few minutes? There's a mad rush to clean this, vacuum that room...quickly wash down that etc.

I just *knew* our landlord wouldn't show up. We haven't been here long, and I can already count on him to not show up when he says he'll drop by to check something/fix something. It'll take him a few days before he drops by. Yet, I still had to go around pick this up...move that. Spray and scrub this etc.

I am not a neat freak. I don't live in a disgusting mess...but I also don't live in a place thats *always* clean. can count on me to do a mad rush to clean up when I know someone is dropping by. Is that considered compulsive?

I know my sister is like this as well. It was hilarious to me when I was at her place and our parents called to say they were dropping by, and would be there in 15 mins or so. My sister freaked! She took off running around the place, and getting everyone off their b*tts and cleaning up as well. I had just helped her clean up earlier that day too. But it wasn't "Mom-approvable" clean enough.

I kept chuckling over that and bugging her about it, until I realized I'm the same way.

Its nuts. But hey, at least I got a lot done today.