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I'm a mother of three. I'm also married. I recently moved with my husband and children. I now live closer to my in-laws then my own family. Which has provided me with a lot of in-law jokes and stories. In my spare time I enjoy reading, crafts like knitting, or just playing games on the computer like World of Warcraft.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Now I know why some women get Divorces...its just easier without a husband. ^.^

Ok, maybe not everyone gets a divorce for that reason. ;) But I was thinking about how much easier it would be, while I was doing dishes tonight.

I was working the past couple days...and I never work unless my husband is home to watch the children. I wouldnt mind using a daycare, there's just none around here with open spaces. Plus, I'd rather wait for a bit until my newbie is a bit older before putting her in a daycare.

But....getting back to my story. I was working the past couple days, and my husband did NO, absolutly no dishes. He didn't pick up anything, or even get our kids to pick up their messes.

Ok, he does try. Which is cool. He just didn't try the last few days. I wouldn't divorce him over this, but it was nice to daydream about how much less work it would be if I just had myself and the kids to clean up after. ;)

Ah well....I should go clean some more, and to be fair, remember the things my husband does get done around here. ;)

Monday, November 21, 2005

Shoes & The Dollar Store Queen

I've never been big on shoes. Maybe I'm lacking that feminine gene. I have only 1 pair of shoes, and 1 pair of sandles. For years now, thats all I needed. But since we've moved to a city with a "real" winter, I've had to go out and buy boots too. Well, the other day I wore my boots to work. A nice elderly lady sat down beside me and thought my boots were very nice. Which reminded me about the time I went to the Doctor for a toe problem, and she raved about my "sensible" shoes. I felt soooo old, and out of it.

Maybe my doctor can recommend some good pills to give me the shoe obsession, or one that will give me some good shoe fashion sense.

I have two daughters! I find myself telling my oldest girl, "No, you dont' need those shoes, you've already got shoes." Maybe I should bite my tongue and allow her to have a few cute shoes. I wont' let them go all crazy...but I shouldn't force them to be like me. *sigh*

Dollar Store Queen:
Ok, so today I went to pay our cable bill. The place we pay our bill is right near a Dollar Store. So I decided to pop in and pick up some stocking stuffers for my kids. This is something else I get from my parents. When we were kids, we were each given $10 and picked one of our siblings names out of a hat. We then had to buy $10 worth of stocking stuffers. We got pretty good at buying the wierdest things that were both cheap and bulky. Since we had big stockings!!

Well, I just wanted to buy a lot of different games, gidgets etc to help stuff my kids stockings. But I didn't stop after picking up a lot of little toys and books. I continued checking out what they had in each aisle. I found several items that were cute or usefull.

I walked out of that store with 6 bags worth of items. I felt like the Dollar Store Queen. It was even more embarrasing because all their bags have the huge logo on them. You can't miss it.

Well, I'm sure I won't need to step in a dollar store again for a long while. Well, maybe if they stock up on cute weave baskets of all sizes. o.O

Saturday, November 12, 2005

In-laws Part 1

I am already dreading Christmas Dinner, and its over a month away. Christmas Dinner means dealing with the in-laws. *cue spooky music*

There's several reason I'm dreading a dinner with the in-laws:

Last time I saw my in-laws, it was very...irritating. We were all heading somewhere, and I was in the car with my husbands parents. I try to make some small talk, because his parents are argueing with each other over diretions. I mention that I want to buy my kids some laundry baskets of their own. My mother-in-law scoffs at this, saying I don't need anything like that. "Its the mother's job" to do stuff like pick up dirty laundry etc.

Not only would she never say such a thing to her own daughters, apparently she never did that for her own children. She made them pick up their own laundry etc according to my husband. I just shut up, and let them continue their argueing and swearing over directions.

They either treat me like a 12 year old, or they gossip and complain about me loudly while I'm in the next room. Actually, they'll gossip about me while I'm at the same dinner table. Uh-huh...sure, keep talking. I can't hear you.

They argue for the sake of argueing. They will honestly argue for 20 mins or so over what time one of them called the other that morning.

They also feel the need to parent my kids as if my husband and I can't parent them ourselves. My kids are very polite and well-behaved. Well, they are in public at least. ;)

Its not like we need help, or are asking for help to parent them. His in-laws are just very controlling.

The last time we saw them, my son was yelled at by both his aunts. One Aunt starts yelling at him over his drinking speed. So then my husband and her start argueing across the table at each other. While my son sits there looking confused and upset. She's gotta be an obsessive-compulsive control-freak. (Sorry, I couldn't come up with a better label, so I threw in a few.)

I had to explain to him, that he should not pay attention to that Aunt when she says weird things like that. She doesn't have any kids. Who trys to control a kids drinking speed? He wasn't even drinking that fast.

His other Aunt yelled at him to stop doing something right after I had told her he was allowed to do that something. It wasn't even anything rude, disruptive, or wrong. (She shouldn't be doing something like that agian. My husband had a chat with her over that. Better then me, it would have turned into some huge arguement if I did it, only because I'm the outsider here.) This aunt is a definate control freak. She'll get really upset at you if your, even just a couple minutes late for something like her kids birthday party. Because its all gotta be just perfect!

I also had to tell my son that he should listen to his Aunties, but ignore them if what they're telling him to do, or not do, contradicts what his father or I tell him. The poor kid. It took a great deal of effort on my part to keep that chat with my son a clean, insult free one.

When my kids start to date, I'll tell them that if they ever plan on marrying someone...they should first check out the future spouse's family.

Oh, and one time we had to live with them for a couple months. Because we had just moved back here, and couldn't find our own place fast enough.

Every day, they'd come home to a clean place, clean dishes put away etc. But one day I was getting motivated late, still in my PJs even when my mother-in-law finished her half day of work. After that I never heard the end of it. "You know you have to keep your place cleaned when you move in. You have to keep at it every day." etc. I heard that almost 5 times a day. Then a few weeks after I finally moved out and obtained freedom...I get a call from my mother-in-law just so she could tell me she misses comming home to clean dishes etc.

Patience...I have learnt a great deal about patience and keeping my mouth shut. I must thank my in-laws for that.


Some days, I'd rather help the Horde in a Battleground then my own team. I play Alliance side in World of Warcraft, but I'm thinking of switching. Its really bad when you really want to cheer on that Tauran who's pounding on a certain, idiotic Alliance char in your BG raid.

One memorable idiots:

Idiot_01: Who kept yelling "MINES MINES!!" "HELP! BS!!" etc. The raid was a pick up raid in Arathi Basin. So most of the alliance there were more interested in getting HKs rather then defending and actually winning. So everytime Idiot_01 yelled, the rest of the raid would go running to what he called out.

Well, I was actually defending Stables when he starts shrieking for everyone to head to Mines. He must have had 2 horde show up at Mines when he yelled that. Because I had at least 10 horde run me down at Stables as everyone was off to the Mines to help Idiot_01.

I need to make a "/dance" hotkey. So when I just know I'm going to die no matter what I do...I can hit my hotkey and die dancing.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Idiots at work

I had a long shift on Sunday. But that didn't stop someone from work trying to call me at home to give me a shift. The people who work evenings, nights and weekends do not bother to check things like our availibility sheets, or whether or not we're already on a job. I personally think they don't know how to read.

Ok, so when I finally get home, late at night, I call back. Right after I say my name, I get hung up on. They were probably still pouting over me not being home earlier that day to take a shift. Hey, its not my fault they can't read. So I call right back. *grin* I then get a 4 hour shift for Monday. Yet the person who hung up on me, and then gave me a 4 hour shift told my supervisor that I was working an 8 hour shift on Monday. Totally forgetting, I'm sure, to let me know that I am working 8 hours.

Ah well, I am writing up a nice letter of complaint, making sure I get the details right. Like the word-for-word messages I've found on my machine from some of the work idiots. I don't know if it will change anything. But if not, there are other companys out there that I could work for. I'd be doing the same work, maybe getting paid more, and hopefully getting less crap from the people at work.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Web Comics

In my last post I mentioned my addiction to my computer and the internet. I honestly have to do something on my computer each day. Right now, its little games like the ones I mentioned. Or visiting web comics.

Each take just a bit of time each day. Without them though, I'd probably go through withdrawel symptoms. Just a few of the comics I like to visit regularly:, Order of the Stick, and GU Comics.

There's other web comics I read, but not very frequently. Like WTF comics. Its a really good comic. But the creator doesn't post new comics all that frequently. Plus his web forums are filled with annoying fan boys. Oh, and the artist gets real cranky when you try to make a predication or guess.

Thursday, November 03, 2005


I waste a few minutes of each day on the computer playing games. Today I played a bit of Vampires! The Dark Alleyway, as well as Neopets! It struck me as odd, that after I used up all my action points as a Vampire, I went and tried to buy a "Petpet" for my pet.

Its gotta be an addiction. I wonder if I could, or any of you could survive a full day without touching your computer. Maybe try spending a whole week without a computer. I don't know how long I'd last....but I'm not too gung-ho to try anyways. ;)

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Well, last night the landlord picked up our rent check. He asked if there were any problems so I told him about a couple things that need fixing. He said he'd be by in the morning to take a look at them.

Well of course that means I have to clean things, straighten up etc. Just something I picked up from my own mom. Someone comming over in a few minutes? There's a mad rush to clean this, vacuum that room...quickly wash down that etc.

I just *knew* our landlord wouldn't show up. We haven't been here long, and I can already count on him to not show up when he says he'll drop by to check something/fix something. It'll take him a few days before he drops by. Yet, I still had to go around pick this up...move that. Spray and scrub this etc.

I am not a neat freak. I don't live in a disgusting mess...but I also don't live in a place thats *always* clean. can count on me to do a mad rush to clean up when I know someone is dropping by. Is that considered compulsive?

I know my sister is like this as well. It was hilarious to me when I was at her place and our parents called to say they were dropping by, and would be there in 15 mins or so. My sister freaked! She took off running around the place, and getting everyone off their b*tts and cleaning up as well. I had just helped her clean up earlier that day too. But it wasn't "Mom-approvable" clean enough.

I kept chuckling over that and bugging her about it, until I realized I'm the same way.

Its nuts. But hey, at least I got a lot done today.